Wound Care Solutions for Predictive Healing

DeepView’s Day One prediction eliminates subjective biases and provides a more accurate evaluation of wound healing.

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Informed Wound Care Solutions

Spectral AI’s DeepView® Technology provides accurate information for early determination

Allows for a clear picture of the wound prior to treatment or other interventions

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Advanced AI Prediction Results

Achieved 92% accuracy on Day One in predicting if a burn wound will heal or not
Achieved 86% accuracy on Day One in predicting if a DFU will close 50% of area by week 4
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Point of Care Predictive Healing Assessment

DeepView® is a mobile technology platform to diagnose wound healing at the bedside. 

Spectral AI’s DeepView® prediction is as simple as taking an image using our multispectral camera. The image acquisition takes 0.2 seconds and the output takes approximately 20 to 25 seconds.

This accelerated diagnostic enables faster clinical decision support for improved patient care.

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