Clinical Decision 
Support Tool for Burn Evaluation

Clinical assessment of burn depth, even by experts in the field, has an accuracy of only 50-70%. As other surgical fields have demonstrated, an adjunctive assessment device is needed in burn care. 

Evaluation and Diagnosis

Burn Evaluation &
Wound Healing Diagnosis

Currently, there are no diagnostic imaging products with AI applications that provide clinicians with an objective and immediate assessment of a wounds healing potential. Therefore, healthcare professionals rely on subjective assessments based on their experience to determine if wounds, such as burn injuries, will respond to treatment.

healthcare practitioner using DeepView on patient leg

Where We Come In

a Day One Solution

DeepView® provides clinicians with a ‘Day One’ wound healing assessment that enables the clinician to triage the patient to the appropriate care setting sooner.

DeepView®’s current accuracy in determining healing or non-healing burn wounds is 92%, compared with current physician accuracy of 50 to 70%.

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